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Snow White 1100

Misty Ivory 1018

Cappuccino 1090

Super Cream 1122

Single Grey 1191

Rich Green 1250

Ocean Blue 1353

Soloman Grey 1415

Slate Grey 1484

Piano Black 1495

Imperial Blue 1545

Cherry Red 1655

Magenta Voilet 1676

Pearl White 1747

Golden Metalic 1757

Silver Metalic 1789

Blue etalic 1848

Grey Metallic 1878

Our affordable high gloss sheet price makes us your first choice. We stock a wide array of top quality panels in popular colors.We offer a wide range of quality panels at competitive prices. Our service is second to none and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.We manufacture our panels from the highest grade materials to ensure an incredibly clear final product. High gloss acrylic sheeting is monolithic, seamless and has the highest strength to weigh ratio of any plastic sheet. It is Perfect for walls and cases ! Prism Panel Premium Acrylic Panel in high gloss with hard coat finish.

It is manufactured with best European raw materials and technology. Prism Panel provide unique surface features.

The panels are manufactured under state of the art "clean room" conditions and using Hotmelt PUR adhesives.

Additional Features :
  •   Anti Scratch Resistance-1.1 N Erichsen DIN 68861/T4 IHD-W-466.Class 1
  •   No polishing required after removal of protective film
  •   Excellent Gloss units of 90 units
  •   Increased UV resistance-No visual colour range after exposure
  •   Enormous chemical resistance from approved cleaning chemicals
  •   clean, smooth surface that requires fewer coats, more sheen, less sanding
  •   Easy to clean, excellent strength and durability at all temperatures