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Ultra High Gloss Sheet

Royal White 9010

Mint Green 9134

Pure Ivory 9121

Silver Grey 9205

Light Cream 9127

Dark Grey 9246

Prism Panel Glass Fronts provide excellent reflective suraces and elegance in appearence. The real problem comes at the time of installation and during the maintanence of the glass panels. Brand name provides a solution through a Acrylic Glass Panel with excellent relective properties and anti scratch properties.

Additional Features :
  •    Claim Free Processing-No Breakage like Glass
  •    Ability to be cut and drilled on site for fitting of handles.
  •    Low in weight when compared to glass-flexibility og fitting at site
  •    Excellent impact & Scartch Resistance
  •    Easy to clean and maintain
  •    2.0 N Erichen DIN 68861/T4
  •    Increased UV resistance
  •    Enormous chemical resistance